© Photo credits: Peter Lueders

Francesca Zoppi has a distinguished and progressive career across Sustainable Development at the international level in the public and private sector, including the United Nations, International Organizations, Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations and at the field level in the India Sub-Continent, China, Africa and Latin America.

For the past years, she has supported the engagement of the United Nations’ mandate in matters concerning the implementation, follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its related processes.

Driven by her passion for sustainability and supporting people, she collaborates with different corporates, startups, magazines and other actors to educate, engage and share her technical knowledge with a digestible approach with the public audience on sustainability and sustainable actions to be done driving changes and delivering impacts to create a sustainable future for all, leaving no one behind.

Francesca holds a Master of Arts in International Diplomacy from the Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster, together with different professional certifications from the London School of Economics, the School of Oriental and African Studies of London and the Columbia University in the city of New York among others.

She has boards and advisory experience with different international entities.

She is originally from Rome, and she lives between New York, London and Rome.

In her non existing free time, she is also a singer.